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March 01, 2022

Home Automation Ideas In Evanston

You have home automation devices, but are they simplifying your life easier? Most smart home components will help you become capable and responsive. Here are a few Evanston home automation tips and tricks to enable your smart devices work for you.

Tip: Use Smart Locks And Know When Kids Come Home From School

If your family is made up of school-aged adolescents, it's nice to see when they come in from school. Try this Evanston home automation tip to get an instant notification when they walk into the door. First, install and then program it to alert your mobile device when they use their private unlock pin. Then give them a quick heads up through the 2-way talk feature on the indoor security camera.

Trick: Integrate Your Smart Devices

One of the great things about a smart home security system is paring all of your smart devices together. For example, don't trouble yourself about locking your property when you leave for work. Instead, use your security system’s mobile app to automatically secure your doors when your mobile device notices you left your driveway. You can also create schedules where your alarms come on when your security cameras recognize sudden motion or have your smart lights turn on the exhaust if your smart alarms go off.

Tip: Make Scenes For Your Automation Devices

When you’re a homeowner, you understand how confusing it is to decode which breaker controls which area of your home when your fuse box aren't clearly labeled. It's the same feeling with your smart alarms and cameras. When naming up your smart lights, you don't have to be mistaken about which light is active or which smart camera is tripped. Getting a warning that the living room door has been opened takes the mystery out of trying to recognize if, say, a notification that entrance 2 has been breached.

Trick: Secure Your Deliveries with Home Automation

The theft of delivered packages might be a normal cause of anxiety. However, by installing a smart doorbell camera with your home security, you can combat theft. You can schedule your home security to show you texts when your bundles are dropped off, then automatically create a smart clip if the camera is tripped afterward. You may even set it to activate your porch light or use the 2-way talk feature, so it still seems like you're home.

Let Us Help You With Some Evanston Home Automation Ideas

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