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December 05, 2022

Do You Need To Worry About Smart Home Hacking In Evanston?

In a variety of ways, smart components like security cameras and video doorbells have made our lives more secure. We can get updates when someone comes up our front porch, and we can have video segments delivered to us when questionable activity is detected. Having components we can communicate with through the internet alerts us to potential hazards immediately. But there is one primary disadvantage. The simple access that keeps us connected is also cracking a door open for online invasions.

Although you shouldn’t get yourself in a panic worrying about smart home hacking in Evanston, you should be cognizant of the potential safety issue and implement a plan to circumvent it.

How To Prevent Smart Home Hacking

It’s amazing how the internet has impacted our lives as seemingly everything is accessible remotely, including your security sensors, smart televisions, and even your oven. The drawback is that this produces more opportunities for cyber criminals to sneak into your network. That doesn't mean you have to avoid wireless home defense systems or other smart devices. Rather, abide by these tips and do what you can to keep prowlers out of your network.

  • Use hard-to-crack passwords: This is a requirement for all accounts, and that includes your wireless configuration. Use upper and lower casing and an assortment of numbers, letters, and special characters. Stay away from dates of birth, anniversaries, or anything else hackers might easily figure out. A password fabricator will provide something absolutely random and password management software can assist you in tracking your different passwords and accounts.

  • Change default settings: When hooking up a new router, it’s likely to come with a preset password to help you get started. Don’t forget to update it. Hackers will be aware of these default passwords too. Configuring your wireless network and new router correctly at the start will go a long way to keeping you protected.

  • Consider more than one network: Why put your smart oven, your security devices, and your home computer on the same network? The majority of routers permit you to create a separate guest network. Be sure to use it and shield personal information present on your phone, desktop, and laptop.

  • Add protection with a firewall: Firewalls aren’t just for commercial networks. They may also be incorporated into your personal network. Firewalls can keep an eye on what’s happening on your network and thwart suspect activity. You could begin with a router including an integrated firewall.

  • Choose the latest encryption options and security protocols: If you’re using a new router, you might have the ability to utilize WPA3, the most up-to-date wireless security protocol. If that’s not available, WPA2 with AES encryption will be sufficient. You need to install home security components that feature 128-bit encryption or higher.

  • Be certain firmware and software is current: Keep your firmware and software at the latest levels for all equipment, including your integrated camera surveillance. Many times, these updates will address various susceptibilities and tighten up your network security.

Be Cautious of Shoddy Smart Home Components In Evanston

When you work with a reputable company like ADT, you’ll discover that any security gaps in surveillance systems or other devices are managed in a quick and expert fashion. Other off-the-shelf brands might not be quite as diligent. Purchasing your video cameras, smart thermostat, video doorbell, and additional items from a lone source like ADT is the right move. And getting all of your equipment installed at once will go a long way to ensuring proper implementation, performance, and security. It’s also worthwhile to point out that ADT Command, the central touchpad interface, utilizes two-way encryption when communicating with your integrated components.

Design Your Own Evanston Home Security System

As you now have a greater understanding on how to keep your private network secure, you’re ready to start on your own home defense system in Evanston. The security experts at Secure24 Alarm Systems are here to find the right package for your home. Contact us at (847) 268-7321 or submit the form to upgrade your home’s protection.