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June 12, 2023

What Is The Monthly Cost Of A Home Security System In Evanston?

Are you thinking about installing a home security system but feel nervous about the financial responsibility? It’s expected that you would be anxious about the expense, but it might not be as high as you anticipated. Chances are you can get a skillfully installed, monitored home security system for a lower amount than what you would spend monthly for your household's cell phone service or cable TV. Let’s take a more detailed look and get an idea] of what you might expect to spend.

Costs To Expect When Getting A New Evanston Home Security System

In terms of customizing your own home security system in Evanston, your options are almost unlimited. You might opt for a premium package including exterior and interior cameras and home automation. Or, you might choose to go more bare bones and opt for the entrypoint sensors, touchscreen panel, and accompanying alarm. Regardless of the features you pick, you should expect to pay for the following when installing a new system:

  • Security equipment
  • Monitoring each month
  • Installation

Based on the provider you choose, you may have the opportunity to roll the cost of the security hardware and install service into the monthly charge. Otherwise, you can submit payment for those things in advance.

What You Can Plan On Paying Per Month For A Home Security Package in Evanston

Ok, why don’t we return to the primary question: What is the monthly cost of a home security system in Evanston? To delve into this, let’s turn to a provider whose name is synonymous with home security: ADT. While ADT offers a range of options, the most preferred are their three main packages that include the initial setup and round-the-clock monitoring.

To begin, the cost of equipment ranges from $600 to over $1000 according to the package and the extras you choose. This may be paid as a one-time fee or rolled your monthly charge. Dedicated, 24-hour monitoring is available for approximately $45 to $58 each month and is usually under a 36-month agreement. costs between $100-$200. So, even if you opt for the premium package with surveillance devices, 24-hour monitoring, and automation - and you combine the equipment and installation costs into the monthly fee - you’re still spending under $100 monthly for a high-quality system that rates are always subject to change and may differ significantly based on the components you desire. If you are attempting to get a clearer idea of how much your tailored home security system will cost, the wisest thing to do is make the call and request a free quote. You may even discover current discounts and deals to save you money on your monthly bill.

Reach Out To Secure24 Alarm Systems To Install Your Home Security System In Evanston

Receive a precise, thorough appraisal of your monthly home security costs by reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems. We are an ADT authorized dealer that is pleased to supply best-in-class solutions. We’ll help you explore your possibilities and guide you to a solution that is best for your home. Contact (847) 268-7321 to request your free quote today.